3 ways to de-motivate your employees

Do you know the cost of disengaged staff to your business?

Statistics suggest that only 13% of staff are fully engaged at any one time, and de-motivated staff are extremely expensive to any business; a report by Hay company suggests that employee disengagement costs UK companies around £340bn every year!

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What are some of the main reasons for staff disengagement?

Lack of belief in staff

The best ideas from employees have come when they feel trusted to be creative and show their talents. Why do some managers to have such little belief in their staff? Some of it is fear based, insecurity of their own capabilities limiting the potential of others.

Poor line management

What’s stopping your managers being effective and inspirational leaders? Is it a lack of appropriate training for managers, or too much focus on being a ‘manager’ rather than a’ leader (there’s a huge difference with polar opposite results!). Lack of confidence, fear and self doubt can also lead to staff being poorly managed. How do organisations work to change that?

Organisational change

Fear of the unknown within organisations can have a detrimental effect on revenue/sales, staff morale. Anxiety and the prospect of redundancy begins to lead employees to question their abilities and their position in any new structure. Their self esteem and motivation can drop, negatively impacting on performance, giving rise to increased sickness levels and absenteeism.

Would coaching your managers and staff to adopt a healthier, more positive approach to change, help your business?

If any of the above is affecting your business, call me – let’s work together to turn your business around.

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