3 common reasons that contribute to low esteem

There’s so much reference to self esteem these days – it’s everywhere! But, what it is, what does it mean, how can it affect you?

Well, let’s break it down Self (me) Esteem (respect and admiration) ie self respect and admiration. Suddenly, it becomes a bit clearer why so many of us lack self esteem. We’re not often taught to admire ourselves, love ourselves – it almost sounds conceited, uncomfortable, it’s just not the norm. However, liking who we are, as we are, is fundamental to having a healthy attitude towards ourselves, others and life in general.

There are many reasons, habits and thoughts that can affect our self esteem and I see lots of evidence of it when I talk to my clients – especially in our young people. Low self esteem winds itself into so many aspects of our lives and if we have it when we’re younger and don’t work on it this can manifest into our adult life affecting our ability to learn, find employment, fulfilment and general well being.

So, what can some of the reasons be for low self esteem? Do you recognise any of these in yourself, your child, your employee?

Not knowing your purpose in life


Unless you know why you’re here and, more importantly what you want to achieve, you can spend much of your life aimlessly drifting and life can seem pointless.

Having a Fixed mindset instead of a Growth mindset

Image showing fixed mindset versus growth mindset

Where’s your head at? How do you or your child manage failure? Most successful people have failed at something at some point in their lives – it all depends on how you handle it. With a fixed mindset failure limits you, yet with a growth mindset there exists an opportunity to grow and learn from that failure.

Comparing self with others

Image about comparing oneself to others

There’s a growing tendency to judge our own lives and abilities and appearances on what others ‘choose’ to share and we ‘choose’ to believe. Social media is having a massive impact on our youth, sending out unrealistic images of what success looks like, what beauty is etc, making it so easy to question our accomplishments, appearances, and even our personality traits.

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel” Steve Furtick

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